About Us

Destination Motivation was built by a group of hard working folks who enjoy traveling and can't wait for the next adventure. We leverage high perceived value, low cost incentive products to motivate buyers to purchase. We've learned how to help other companies significantly increase sales and profits.  Thinking outside the box, we've developed proven products and strategies that allow our clients to do just that. We noticed a few problems in the incentive travel industry; lack of value, and lack of fulfillment. So we set out to create perfect incentive travel products that are 100% redeemable, with 100% customer satisfaction. We call our company Destination Motivation and we'll make your sales skyrocket! 

Highlights of the Destination Motivation Cruise Voucher:

- 100% Transferable = The gift that keeps on giving

- Easy Redemption = Recipient gets personal Travel Consultant

- Tons of Flexibility, Tons of options = Everybody gets exactly what they're looking for. 



Having a valuable incentive product is only half the solution. We took a lot of time and energy to develop the perfect sales strategy when offering the cruise incentive. That way the offer doesn't sound gimmicky or come off sounding like a “used car salesman” (no offense Uncle Charley). We broke down the psychology behind a consumer's decision making process to better understand how they think, and what they find important. The outcome was the inception of a strategy, that when implemented, consistently increases sales.  This creates long term success for our clients.


Reputation is important.  Because of our quality product and successful strategy, we are able to build long term relationships.  Our clients make out because they increase their sales and profits, their sales people make out because their paychecks increase, and their customers make out because they get a well deserved vacation, making this a win, win, win!


We look forward to serving you