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  • Boss Offers Free Caribbean Cruise to 800 Workers Back

    The co-owner of an Iowa cabinet manufacturing company offered all 800 employees a free weeklong cruise in the Caribbean.

    According to a Huffington Post article; workers at Bertch Cabinets in Waterloo found out in mid-December 2016 that they had met the company’s quality and profit goals. About 600 are joining boss Gary Bertch on the cruise along with his wife, Becky, who founded the company with her husband in 1977. They’ll head down to Miami on chartered flights, spend a night in a five-star hotel, then hit the ocean. Spouses can also come free.

    The rest of the workers, approximately 25%, opted to take the week off and collect a $900 bonus. That’s means 75% of the people offered the cruise chose the vacation over the bonus. This tells us what we already know: cruise vacations command a very high perceived value, even higher than cash! That’s because vacations tug on emotional heart strings, vacationing is fun & exciting! It’s also because vacationing comes with a pretty heavy price tag, and if you can't afford to vacation in a particular year, this type of motivator become even more valuable. 

    Bertch challenged employees a year ago to meet certain goals, offering the cruise as an incentive. “We were anticipating we’d have better sales again this year,” he told the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier. “We just tried to get all of our people pumped up a little more to achieve the various goals, both customer-oriented goals and financial goals.”

    Workers say the company is a special place to work.

    “I work right across the hallway from our vice president, Becky, and 20 feet away from Gary Bertch, and I can tell you that they have an open-door policy, and they always welcome anyone to come in and speak to them any time without a meeting or appointment,” marketing associate Tony Means told ABC.

    “We all get along pretty well here. It’s like one big family.”

    Bertch Cabinets is a great example that cruise vacations motivate employees to excel.  Not only do cruise vacations motivate employees but they also motivate consumers to purchase. We are all driven by value & emotion and if you can offer your potential customer a high value vacation, you'll create more value and you'll create the ultimate customer experience. 

    Jan 19, 2017
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