How It Works

Our cruise incentive strategy helps create urgency for the purchase of your product or service.  It adds significant value to your proposal.  It helps differentiate from your competition.  It helps you with client retention and creates raving fans.  The results are:

 Imagine Incentives 

-Increased Closing Ratio

-Increased Sales

-Increased Profits

-Increased Referrals

-Decreased Cancellations

 Imagine Incentives 

Building a Long Term Relationship:

Our process is so successful 100% of our clients re-order. Imagine Incentives

Our Process:

Our program is turn-key. First we will discuss your current sales & marketing strategy. Then we implement a more effective strategy utilizing our proven "incentive" methods. Implementation of our program takes minutes. The result is Sales and Profits will increase instantly. Imagine Incentives Imagine Incentives

Imagine Incentives

Our Support:

Free Consulting

Free On-going Training

Free Collateral Materials

 ImaIgine Incentives 

Proven Methods:

The Destination Motivation program is established, with proven success in just about every demographic, in just about every industry and we bend over backwards to guarantee your success.

 Imagine Incentives