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  • How Social Conscience Can Supplement Traditional Call to Action Strategies Back

    What is social conscience, and how can it be relevant in marketing? Conscience can be described as internalized values: a person’s intuitive ‘moral compass.’ While rational, philosophical, or religious arguments are often used as justifications, conscience itself is primarily emotional: we associate feelings of pleasure and pride with right action, and feelings of guilt and shame with wrong action. These emotions help to motivate choices and behavior, playing an important role in the maintenance and transformation of social norms. In many ways, the norms of society are the sum of our collective values and priorities – as society shapes us, we shape society.

    In addition to a sense of right and wrong for personal action, individuals possess a sense of right and wrong for collective action – what might be called social conscience. Here are some examples in marketing: 

    1. Public service announcement: Stop smoking commercials are now advertising that pets are more likely to get cancer from second hand smoke. Because there’s a social conscience to save animals from abuse, they are leveraging this movement to get people to think about stopping smoking.

    2. Toms shoes. Toms shoes does not sell you on the quality of their shoe, or their price, or even how they look. In fact the first thing you see on their website when you visit is: Discover the difference you can make - see how your purchase improves lives. So every time a consumer buys a pair of shoes, Toms helps someone in need, by donating a pair of shoes.

    3. Mazda: test drive a car and Mazda will donate to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. They call it the Drive for Good campaign.

    Home Improvement Examples:

    · Donating to a charity. A unique call to action to get people to your showroom: Window Nation (the 6th largest window retailer in the U.S.) has crated a call to action to get people to visit their Ohio showroom. Window Nation advertises each December that when consumers come to visit their Ohio showroom and mentioned the name Mike Trivisonno (a local radio host), WN will donate to the Coats for Kids charity. Owners Harley and Aaron Magden have been avid supporters of Coats for Kids since 2013. The company ended up contributing nearly $5,000 to the CFK organization just in return for customers mentioning Mike’s name in that campaign, which means they generated a lot of leads and a ton of new business.

    · Tundraland; one of the most successful home improvement companies in the US. They collect old windows from their jobs and have artists paint the windows. Then they auction those windows to raise money to help veterans and different local causes. So when they are in the home giving an estimate, the sales rep discusses how they’ll recycle their old windows, raise money, and donate to help the local community. People want to be a part of that.

    In closing, consumers want to be part of movements that give back.  Think about how you can incorporate social conscience into your marketing efforts.  If will help differentiate your marketing from your competitions and create a way to give back to your community.  

    Dec 18, 2016
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