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  • Top 3 Ways to Increase Your Sales on the Cheap Back
    Increasing sales is a challenge that every company faces. The obvious solution is to increase marketing efforts and generate more leads. Then, hire more sales people and close more sales. The problem is, not every company can afford that luxury without proper funding. Here are three solutions for those who are looking to instantly increase sales without having to spend a ton of money. 

    Ask your customer for referrals! You'd be surprised how many companies never ask for referrals. You've heard the expression "it doesn't hurt to ask" or "ask and you shall receive". Both statements are relative when it comes to referrals. You will not believe the positive feedback you'll get once you ask your customers for referrals. You can even reward them monetarily, or do as our clients do, reward them with our cruise vacation voucher for two. 

    Past Customers:
    The easiest person for you to sell to is someone who has already said "yes" to you in the past. Most of the hard work as already taken place so that customer is in a much easier position to say "yes" again. When focusing on a past customer there are a few different strategies. You can sell them a different product you already offer. You can give them a past customer discount to incentivize them to upgrade their current product. You can refer them to a trusted strategic partner that offers a different product than you. If they close them, your partner can give you a referral fee or percentage of the deal. 

    Facebook Advertisements:
    You'd be surprised, generating leads through Facebook can sometimes be inexpensive. The process to set up the campaign is actually user friendly and easy to launch. You can do a test and see how much it cost to generate a lead, then adjust the campaign once you learn what's working and what isn't. Your control of the campaign allows you to minimize your exposure to risk while you fine tune your ad for maximum success. The key to a great advertisement is to have a superior call to action. Our clients offer our Vacation Vouchers as an incentive to purchase their product. This call to action is powerful because the Vacation Voucher helps differentiate from competitive ads as well as create a greater sense of urgency. Our clients notice a significant increase in their lead flow when offering our vacation vouchers in their marketing efforts.

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    Apr 24, 2017
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