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Lead Generation 

TV Commercial Examples:

The difference between Actual Value vs. Perceived Value can be the difference between generating a lead and sale or getting passed by.  A higher perceived value allows for a stronger call to action in your lead generation efforts, increased profit margins, it helps differentiate from a competitive product and it can help create urgency.


For example, if somebody offered you $1,000 dollar bill to call them, would you?


The size of your offer matters.  If you don’t beef up your offer, what incentive are you giving people to call you.. We’ll give you 10% off.. well what’s 10% off?  Off of what? What’s the value of that?  Give people a big reason to call you! Give people an even bigger reason to purchase from you!

We specialize in developing customized marketing campaigns in the following medias:

Carpet & Flooring
  • TV Commercials

  • Radio Ads

  • Direct Mail

  • Kiosks Marketing 

  • Pay Per Click

  • Facebook Ads

  • Email Campaigns

  • Home Show Marketing

  • Canvasing

  • Call Centers

  • Re-Hash

Window & Siding
Bathroom Remodel 
Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing

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