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Parker & Sons (by Paul Kelly):

Parker & Sons customer testimonial:

“We recently returned home from our 7-day Carnival cruise to the Western Caribbean. We ended up receiving our Cruise Voucher as a gift from Parker & Sons after having a new water softener installed at our home. This was a great incentive and one of the main reasons we went with their company before seeking competitive pricing. The Cruise was a great experience as we were able to visit Belize, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel. The highlight of our trip was when we did an expedition to visit the Mayan Ruins. I’ve seen them on TV a few times, but I never could’ve imagined how spectacular they are in person. We really enjoyed our time and couldn’t have envisioned it going any better than it did. We want to thank the team at Parker & Sons for giving us this wonderful gift.”


-Anita Joy

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