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Skeptical About Our Program (Video Below): 

If you're skeptical of our program, it's either because you're not seeing the ROI, you lack confidence in the value of our products, or you feel our strategy doesn't make sense (it comes off gimmicky). The following video comes from a sales rep of Sherlock Heating & Air who thought our program had no value, thought his customers wouldn't like it, and thought it wouldn't move the needle on increasing his close rate.

By incorporating the Cruise & Condo Vouchers into his sales strategy Justin Freeman, sales rep at Sherlock Heating & Air, quickly learned 5 things: 

  • The program works!

  • His customers absolutely love being offered the vouchers.

  • His close rate shot to 70%.

  • He received tons of testimonials and positive feedback.

  • Total monthly overall revenue has increased.

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